Rather than attempting to tell you about myself, I decided to create a short answer survey for ten friends to anonymously describe my key characteristics—both positive and negative

Based on the responses, people most frequently mentioned creativity, attention to detail, intellect, and empathy as strengths. Among the common weaknesses were decision making and time management

No surprises there. I can’t tell you how many thoughts run through my mind when I look at a menu or how many times I’ve rearranged my room in the last six months. I have yet to get a grasp on time and I don’t identify as an early bird. (The only reason to leave a warm bed before the sun rises is to witness that soft misty air for a fleeting moment of calm—but that's being excessive.)

The thing is, I hold value in collaboration and appreciate the challenge of working in unconventional ways. On that note, I do love a good challenge. Whether it’s hiking up an 8,000 ft peak, finding the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe (still working on that), or unloading all of the groceries in one trip, I'm there for it. 

The reason I got into user experience design was because of the way it incorporates strategic thinking, interdisciplinary collaboration, and purpose-driven creativity. I have in no way perfected my process, but I am simply here to design meaningful solutions the best way I know how—by listening and learning.